About me


I’m Allie, a Professor & American transplant living in Holland. After over 4 1/2 years struggling in private with infertility — including receiving a devastating premature ovarian failure diagnosis at 34 — I decided to start this blog. My goals were to 1) Raise awareness about infertility; 2) Encourage others who may be struggling; and 3) Explain my growing collection of dog costumes to my family.

Thankfully, my husband and I have awesome friends, and one of them donated her eggs to us in the summer of 2018. This was an exciting and incredibly nerve-wracking process which is documented here in detail. And amazingly, after two more failed IVF embryo transfers using her eggs, my husband and I finally welcomed our miracle baby in 2019.

When I’m not bumming eggs off friends, I enjoy visiting new countries and embarrassing my husband by wearing my pajamas in public.

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